LSM Toolkit

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UMI’s Creative Services department provides cutting-edge creative for all of your marketing collateral.

UMI's print division manages the production of various print elements on a day-to-day basis.
UMI is the low-cost provider of print materials; maintaining the highest levels of quality with timely implementation.

Print Production Samples

The UMI team includes List Brokers with access to various types of data that can be used to supplement the master database based on a client's needs or specifications.

Along with the Guest Relationship Marketing programs that UMI has in place, UMI also implements free-standing, customized programs to target specific local store marketing activity.

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Along with the automated and web-based e-marketing programs that UMI has in place, UMI also implements single-event programs to highlight a client's specific seasonal or promotional activity.

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UMI Provides Data Services for some of the largest Brands in the US and Canada. Whether your brand is a household name or just starting out, our data entry staff can handle your growing data entry needs.

UMI develops Proprietary Master Relational Database Systems for numerous clients around the country.

UMI develops, implements and manages various partner relationships, bringing together brands as the “right fit” for cross promotion.

Brand Revitalization
UMI’s path to success for brand revitalization follows principles and practices that have lead major brands to successful national reintroduction to core targeted consumer groups. Let the UMI team help you provide a brand promise that is relevant, articulate and that differentiates.

When it comes to creating a can't miss event, UMI provides the seamless planning, execution and implementation at the store level that maximizes brand differentiation. UMI 'on the ground' management teams will revolutionize your next event.

UMI’s key principal, Brooke Furness-Pollock, is considered one of the foremost experts on Loyalty Marketing in the country.

Frequency & Loyalty Samples

Whether you’re looking to drive traffic and sales during your slow season, increase the frequency of current medium, light, and/or lapsed customers, or introduce new customers to your brand, UMI’s proven promotional marketing programs can be customized to suit your individual business needs.

Promotional Program Samples

Recognize and reward your younger guests... and future loyal customers! UMI can help you drive sales and increase frequency, all while building a database of households with children, with our dynamic kids marketing programs.

Kids Marketing Samples

What makes UMI unique is that our team are industry experts. From front of the house, field support, to leading corporate marketing iniatives, we understand the day-to-day challenges of operating a restaurant first-hand.

UMI has utilized our innovative Local Store Marketing (LSM) programs to help restaurants increase sales, frequency and loyalty for over 17 years. In 2008, we created quite a buzz in the industry by launch a first-of-its-kind, web based platform that integrates all marketing programs, print elements, and company communications within a centralized, virtual environment. Our proprietary Online Marketing Toolkit allows multi-unit chains to manage all of their marketing activity within a dynamic, easy-to-use virtual platform. The system is a God-send for any chain that is struggling with the volume and complexity that comes with managing a vast array of marketing programs and materials over a network of different users.