The Ultimate Provider of Turn-Key Local Store Marketing

Ulterior Motives International, Inc. (UMI) is a global marketing company that has been in operation for over 22 years. UMI specializes in information-based Local Store Marketing applications for a diverse client base.

In today’s competitive market, it’s about brand consistency, leading edge technology and dynamic communication inside and outside the four walls that provides a competitive edge while increasing brand awareness, frequency, loyalty, transactions and sales.

UMI offers a wide variety of state of the art, turn-key National and Local Store Marketing programs that enable companies to effectively communicate their message to their customers in an efficient, impactful and cost-conscious manner.

Our turn-key services include program conception, design, implementation, fulfillment, distribution and redemption analysis. UMI is the industry leader for providing proven marketing solutions.

LSM Toolkit


Your Turn-Key, Customized Local Store Marketing Web-based Toolkit

It’s all about POWER: The power of a secure web-based, online ordering solution that’s available any time you are: with on demand print procurement, real time customization, live proofing, tracking, robust reporting and e-commerce solutions; the power to print LSM materials of any kind; the power to manage the entire process and save both time and money; the power to control your brand image. It’s the power to succeed... all at your fingertips!

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Direct Mail Samples

Along with the Guest Relationship Marketing programs that UMI has in place, UMI also implements free-standing, customized programs to target specific local store marketing activity.

Print Production Samples

UMI's print division manages the production of various print elements on a day-to-day basis.
UMI is the low-cost provider of print materials; maintaining the highest levels of quality with timely implementation.

E-Marketing Samples

Along with the automated and web-based e-marketing programs that UMI has in place, UMI also implements single-event programs to highlight a client's specific seasonal or promotional activity.